Praying for a Husband

Sometimes, when the thought crosses my mind, I will pray for my daughters’ future spouses. I want them to marry Praying For A Husbandmen who love God, who will seek His will, and who will cherish my girls as the precious gifts that they are. I pray for my daughters too, that they will guard their hearts, that they will remain pure and centred in Christ as they grow up. I should pray for this every day, but on the days when I don’t, the Lord knows my heart and my desires for my children.

My eldest daughter will be three and a half next week. She thinks she’s grown up already and often says, “Don’t call me ‘baby’. I’m a big girl now.”

She has begun asking me questions like, “Who is my husband going to be?” She asks it so frequently that I’ve grown tired of saying, “I don’t know.” I’ve started telling her that right now only God knows who she will marry, when she will meet him, and what their children’s names will be.

At supper the other night, she asked me again. My usual answers aren’t enough for her, she wants to know now, and doesn’t believe that I don’t have the answers. Mommy, after all, is supposed to know everything.

So I repeated that only God knows the future, but that she could start praying for the boy who will become her husband in the meantime. I told her to pray for a good man, someone who loves God and who will love her. I meant for her to add it to her bedtime prayers, but she put down her fork, bowed her head, pressed her hands together, and right there at the dinner table, prayed for her future husband.

Is there anything more precious than a child’s prayer? As I listened to her, my heart full to overflowing, I blinked away tears. What a special little girl, what a wonderful gift from God. And what a privilege to have this glimpse into her heart.

Do you pray for your children’s future spouses?

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