35 Reasons My Husband Is The Bees’ Knees

My husband celebrates his 35th birthday today, and to celebrate him, I’ve compiled a list of 35 reasons why I think he’s awesome. In no particular order, they are:

1. He can plait our eldest daughter’s hair. (And that is an achievement.)


2. He lets me wear his hoodies.

3. He really is tall, dark and handsome.


4. He doesn’t mind when I read instead of wanting to talk.

5. He doesn’t complain when I have no energy to cook.

6. He makes the best omelettes.

7. Once, he interrupted a lecture so he could deliver a Valentine’s gift to me.

8. He lets me drive the nice car while he uses the skedonk.

9. He loves Jesus.

10. He loves me.

11. He loves our precious children.

12. He doesn’t mind cleaning the bathroom or doing the dishes.

13. He once played the role of Mr. Darcy in an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Mr. Darcy!

14. He gave up a short commute to work so we could live nearer to our church.

15. He buys me books.

16. He lets the girls use him as a jungle gym.


17. He deals with the cat’s “presents” of wounded birds and Parktown prawns.

18. He married me.

19. He reads to our daughters.

20. He prays for our daughters.

21. He changes poopy nappies.

22. He gives me chocolate.

23. He takes his role as head of the family and provider very seriously.


24. He doesn’t tell me to get a “real” job.

25. He knows the words to songs from Disney movies and a number of classic musicals.

26. He indulges my silliness.

27. He doesn’t complain about the craft supplies stashed randomly around the house.

28. He doesn’t mind my silly Bitstrips about us.


29. He directs my plays.

30. He has a folder on his iPad dedicated to Apps for the girls.

31. He doesn’t flinch when sent shopping with a list that includes “girly stuff”.

32. He is always polite to his fans – even the weird ones who think they’re so clever. (“Does Bonita know you have another wife?”)

33. He thinks the Tinker Bell movies are pretty cool, though he’d rather watch Wreck It Ralph.

34. He’s always on the lookout for female Christian singers and bands because he wants the girls to have strong, positive role models.

35. He prefers zombies to sparkly vampires.

Happy birthday, Handsome. xxx

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