A Love Letter To My Firstborn

Dearest Elsa (since that is the name you are currently answering to),

Happy birthday, sweetheart! Today you are four – FOUR! And I’m not only celebrating your birthday today, but also the anniversary of me becoming a mom. I remember when you were first placed in my arms – exhausted, drugged, emotional (me) and red, screaming (you). After all the waiting, finally, finally, you were here and real and my heart, like the Grinch’s, grew a few sizes that day. You made me a mom, sweet girl, and I love you.


I love that you’re a chatterbox. Yes, even when I’m asking you to keep quiet for just a minute, I love your response of “I can’t, Mommy.” I love that you “read” stories to your sister. I love that you quote movies at random during conversations. I love that you sing all the time – and that if you don’t know the words you just make up your own.

I love your wild imagination. I love that you dress up every day, and that you change your shoes six times a day, and that you must wear a skirt even if it’s freezing outside. I love that you have a very definite sense of style and that you’re so aware of what others are wearing.


I love that you’re so curious, even though I don’t always know how to answer your questions. I love to see how you process things and work out your own answers. I love that you notice everything and are always quick to speak your mind.

I love the funny things you say. (“I’m doing your hair like this so you will look beautiful and not like a mad person.”) I love the unintentional poetry. (“The stars were hanging in the sky like hopes and dreams.”) I love your reasons for climbing into our bed in the middle of the night. (“There was a spell/a fire/a crocodile/germs in my room!”)

I love that you’re a girly girl who likes pink and purple and glitter and princesses. I love that you’re so into Frozen you insist on wearing your hair like Elsa, and a cape like Elsa, and have succeeded in getting your sister to address you as Elsa.


I love how excited you are to go to Children’s Church. I love when you say things like, “There’s food in my heart for Jesus, because He’s in my heart.” I love hearing you sing How Great Is Our God and making up your own songs about Jesus. I love how you retell Bible stories, even when you’re not always accurate with your facts. (Jonah was not thrown into the sea because he was pregnant.)

I love how you throw your arms around me and say you love me. I love how you adore your sister. I love seeing your face light up when Daddy comes home. I love your laugh and your smile and your curly hair.


I love you, precious girl. Happy fourth birthday! I pray that as you enter a new year, you continue to grow into the person God is moulding you to be. I pray that your heart is for Him, that He will shine in you, and you will keep asking questions about Jesus and singing worship songs.

Love always,

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