The Sweetest Thing

Sweet Baby Girl,

I suppose I should stop referring to you as Baby now that you’re two years old. Happy birthday, darling girl! What a whirlwind these last two years have been. I should have suspected it when you were such a wriggly worm in my belly, but I was fervently hoping you would be my quiet, calm child. Ha! You are only quiet and calm when you are asleep – but I wouldn’t change your inner Energiser Bunny for anything in the world.


I love that you are so quick to laugh, and your laughter is so contagious that anyone who hears it can’t help but smile. You are my circus child, a clown and acrobat and daredevil all in one. I love how fearless you are, and how trusting that someone will always be there to catch you.

I love that you love to cuddle. Snuggling with you makes getting up in the middle of the night bearable, and I love that when you climb into our bed, you tuck your little body into me as close as you can get it.


I love how expressive your face is. It’s not just the funny faces you pull, it’s the frown when you’re unsure of something, and the unimpressed look that conveys exactly how you feel when I say you can’t watch Frozen again today.

I love how you adore your big sister and copy everything she says and does. I love how you wake her up in the mornings – unlike you, she’s not a morning person. I love how you look for her when you want to play with her, and how you share things with her. I love how you want to wear her hats and her shoes even though they’re miles too big for you.


I love watching you sing and dance. You don’t know all the words but you sing your heart out, and you move your little body as if you were born dancing. My heart melts every time you sing “How Great Is Our God” and I pray that the seeds planted in your heart now will take root and grow strong.

I love how you “read” aloud, speaking nonsense so seriously. I love the intention in your tone when you’re telling us something important. I love how you give directions in the car – “Not this way! That way!” – when you realise we’re not going where you want to go.


I love the way you are with Napoleon. It’s so sweet to watch you stroke him or kiss him, and also to scold him when you find him sleeping in your cot.

Precious girl, I love you so much and I can’t believe that you are already two. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Love always,


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