Yes, We Will Be Homeschooling

Both my girls are at preschool this year; Angie in grade 00 and Emmy in the toddler class. Their school opened last Tuesday, so we’ve had just over a full week of the “getting ready for school” morning chaos. Today was particularly insane.

Emmy woke up at 5am when I tried to sneak out of her bed to switch off my alarm that was going off in the main bedroom. (Since starting school, Emmy doesn’t like sleeping alone. I’m hoping she’ll get over it soon. Musical beds is not as much fun as it sounds.) Emmy’s screams of “Mommy! Come back to bed!” woke up Angie, who came stumbling out of her room like a zombie.


There were tears because the porridge was too hot, and the porridge fell off the spoon onto someone’s pyjamas, and one Marie biscuit wasn’t enough, and shoes wouldn’t fit the wrong feet, and lunch boxes were put into schoolbags instead of being opened and eaten, and, and, and . . .

My husband and I have decided that we will be homeschooling the girls from grade one. There are many reasons we’ve made this choice, and most of them are really good. We want to give our children the best education possible, and we don’t believe that they’ll get it at a government school. We want them to learn in their own learning styles. We believe they will benefit from individual attention rather than being in a larger classroom. We believe they’ll have a much broader education than they would receive at a school. We believe that homeschooling will be beneficial to their character growth and spiritual walk.

But, there are other less important reasons. One of these is: no more rush to get them ready for school. If Angie wants to sleep in, then I can focus on Emmy in the mornings. When Emmy crashes later in the day, I can focus on Angie. We won’t have to fight the morning traffic. If it’s pouring with rain, as it is right now, we don’t have to get wet. (Unless they want to re-enact certain scenes from Singin’ in the Rain.) We won’t have to stress about stationery shopping and buying uniforms and packing lunches and school fees.

I don’t yet know what our home school is going to look like. That’s two years away and it would be crazy for me to try to plan everything now. We haven’t even settled on a curriculum yet, though I am very strongly drawn toward Love 2 Learn.

I am excited. A little bit nervous, too, but mostly bursting-out-of-my-skin excited.

Do you home school? What advice would you give this homeschool-mama-in-training?

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