A Year Of Dates [Happy Birthday, Hubby!]

It’s my wonderful husband’s birthday today, but the poor man has to go to work instead of being pampered and spoiled by his girls.

This morning, I surprised him with a year of dates.

A Year Of Dates [Happy Birthday, Hubby!]

We’re really bad at coming up with date night ideas. Really, really bad. The conversation usually goes something like this: “What do you want to do?” – “I don’t know. What do you want to do?”

So I thought I’d give him something to make date night decisions a bit easier. (Now there’s no excuse to skip date night.)

A Year Of Dates [Happy Birthday, Hubby!]

Want to make your own? All you need are ice cream sticks, a black marker, ribbon, glue, and an empty jar. (I used a Black Cat peanut butter jar.) You can find plenty of ready-made labels online, but I preferred to make my own.

Here are the date ideas I wrote for our jar:

  1. Play adventure golf.
  2. Go out for ice cream.
  3. Have a chocolate tasting night.
  4. Give each other back massages.
  5. Have a finger food only dinner – and feed each other.
  6. Have an indoor picnic.
  7. Have a picnic under the stars.
  8. Tell the story of how we met. Film it.
  9. Have a candlelit dinner.
  10. Have breakfast in bed – for dinner.
  11. Go bowling.
  12. Hit the arcade.
  13. Attempt to break a Guinness World Record.
  14. Get dressed up. Interact in character.
  15. Build a blanket fort.
  16. Go to the cinema – he chooses.
  17. Go to the cinema – she chooses.
  18. Write love letters to each other. Read them out loud.
  19. Get tattoos together. (Stick-ons!)
  20. Candles. Music. Slow dancing.
  21. Play Scrabble.
  22. Watch our wedding video.
  23. Eat out – his choice.
  24. Eat out – her choice.
  25. Make chocolate covered strawberries. Feed each other.
  26. One night in Paris. (Baguettes, cheese, French wine, over the top accents.)
  27. One night in Italy. (Pasta, red wine, over the top accents.)
  28. Take silly photos of each other.
  29. Plan our dream holiday.
  30. Make waffles.
  31. Take a drive.
  32. Paint each other’s portrait.
  33. Paint each other with chocolate.
  34. Selfie date – take selfies together throughout the date.
  35. Play 20 questions.
  36. Choose a Pinterest craft. Make it together.
  37. Give each other foot massages.
  38. Make a joint bucket list.
  39. One night in Rio. (Cocktails, samba, over the top accents.)
  40. Bake something together.
  41. One night in Greece. (Moussaka, baklava, over the top accents.)
  42. Classic movie night.
  43. Watch his childhood favourite movie.
  44. Watch her childhood favourite movie.
  45. Wrestle each other . . .
  46. Find a youtube video of couples yoga. Try it out.
  47. Have a chocolate fondue.
  48. Spend the night at a hotel.
  49. Zombie apocalypse date. (What would a date look like in the middle of the zombie apocalypse?)
  50. Go for milkshakes.
  51. Have a date at the roadhouse.
  52. Trilogy night. Watch a trilogy of films.

These are obviously ideas that appeal to us as a couple – hence the opportunity for lots of dressing up and silliness. Some of these are strictly for after the kids are in bed, but there are also some that we can do as a family. Some require a bit of planning and expense; others are spontaneous or free.

A Year Of Dates [Happy Birthday, Hubby!]

You can find more ideas on my Date Night Pinterest board.

Do you have a regular date night? How do you usually decide what to do?

A Year Of Dates [Happy Birthday, Hubby!]

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