Santa Shoebox 2015

Santa Shoebox 2015
Our finished boxes.

We took part in the Santa Shoebox Project for the first time this year and we were excited to put the boxes together.

Really, really excited.

I kept checking the website the day pledges opened so that I could pledge as soon as possible, and managed to make my pledges before technical issues halted the pledging process. I picked a three-year-old and five-year-old because I wanted Angie and Emmy to relate to the girls they made boxes for.

Santa Shoebox 2015
So, so excited – that the boxes were decorated in the first week of September!

I took the girls shopping for items for their boxes, and Angie kept adding things to the trolley. “I think she’ll like this, Mommy. And this.”

When I told her to slow down and put some expensive items back on the shelf, she started saying, “Check the price tag, Mommy. Can I put it in?”

This child’s heart.

We only just managed to fit everything in the boxes.

Santa Shoebox 2015
Tight squeeze.

As we shopped, I explained to her that we were putting together gift boxes for girls who perhaps don’t have mommies or daddies, or who don’t get to receive a lot of new things like she and Emmy do. I told her I’d picked girls the same ages as her and Emmy, and before I could say anything else, she said, “So they’re like our twins?”

My generous girl also insisted on adding a chocolate for Daddy to the trolley.

When we unpacked the bags at home, Emmy watched wide-eyed. “And me?” she asked after I’d explained what it was for. “I also want one.” It took her a while, but eventually she got excited about making the box for someone else.

Santa Shoebox 2015
The girls made trees with heart stickers for their Christmas cards.

Here’s a sneak peak of what we packed:

Santa Shoebox 2015
A present inside a present. 🙂
Santa Shoebox 2015
The girls picked out what they thought their recipients would like to wear.
Santa Shoebox 2015
The educational part of the gift.
Santa Shoebox 2015
The girls also chose the toothbrushes they thought their recipients would like.
Santa Shoebox 2015
And they insisted that their recipients needed accessories. (Not pictured: the feather boa.)

Emmy was upset when we got the the dropoff venue and she realised she wasn’t going to be handing her box to the girl she’d made it for. When one of the helpers gave Angie a chocolate, Emmy perked up and informed everyone that she had also decorated a box.

Santa Shoebox 2015
The box is almost as big as she is.
Santa Shoebox 2015
So excited.

We’re already looking forward to next year, and we’re hoping to pledge more than two boxes. My plan is to start stocking up on items from January.

Did you take part this year? Or do you support another, similar initiative?

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