Hello From The Other Side (Of The First Trimester)

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Not because life has been super busy – well, not unusually busy considering my two Energiser Bunny girls. I’ve actually even gotten back into the habit of midday naps most days. If I don’t have that hour or so of rest, then I’m dead on my feet by 5pm which, as moms know, is the worst possible time of day to sit down and take a break.


We found out I was pregnant a couple of days before we went on holiday in December. (It only took four pregnancy tests for my husband to believe that I was, indeed, pregnant.) We didn’t say anything to anyone before we left, and we made our happy announcement to the girls once we arrived at the holiday flat.

Hello From The Other Side (Of The First Trimester)

I can definitely see God’s hand in the timing. I was a bit queasy while we were at the beach, and the road trip was unpleasant but bearable. (In case you’re considering it, don’t go on a road trip in the first trimester!) The real “morning” sickness only struck once we’d arrived home again and shared our news with our families.

And, boy! Did it strike hard! It was worse than my previous two pregnancies combined. Nothing helped – and I tried everything. Ginger, salt and vinegar chips, peppermints, dry toast, ice lollies, Asic, Emex, ice, Energade, Fritos … One of Jacques’ friends suggested pickle juice, but just the thought of that had me gagging.

Fun times.

I honestly didn’t know how I would make it to the end of the first trimester. I was non-functional, and spent my time in bed or in the bathroom. “It’s only a few more weeks,” Jacques said at repeated intervals.

A few weeks that felt like forever.

Fortunately, it didn’t actually last forever. I am 18 weeks along now. I am still exhausted, but my gynae assures me that has less to do with the pregnancy and more to do with the two children already running around. “You’re going to be tired forever,” another friend said, just the other day.

Hello From The Other Side (Of The First Trimester)

We got no schooling done in January, unless you count the unintentional Pregnancy 101. I showed the girls Peanut’s development week by week and explained that was exactly how they grew. Angie is hung up on the details. “Will it hurt when the doctor cuts your tummy open? Why does it take so long for Peanut to grow?”

Emmy struggled at first to believe there was a baby. “Is Peanut real?” she kept asking.

Now that I’m showing, the girls are enjoying talking to Peanut and blowing raspberries on my belly. Angie is convinced Peanut is a boy, and Emmy wants another sister. At least one of them will be happy. Peanut has so far been too shy to reveal whether we should be looking for boys’ names or girls’ names.

We started school again in February, and break tomorrow for two weeks. We have a few weeks left of Reading the Alphabet and Learning the Alphabet. For numeracy. We’re using 3 Dinosaurs’ Romping, Roaring Numbers. The material I am most excited about, though, is Bible Road Trip. Maybe I’ll finally memorise the order of the books of the Bible once we’re done. 🙂

Any tips for homeschooling while pregnant/with a newborn? Any guesses as to whether Peanut is pink or blue?

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