{Friday Favourites} Christian Films Worth Watching

Last week I shared a few of my favourite films. I deliberately left off Christian films, because I wanted to do a separate list of those.

Aaaaand, here it is:

1. Courageous

{Friday Favourites} Christian Films Worth Watching

Courageous is a film about fathers, and the importance of the father’s role in the family. Adam is a cop who, in the face of tragic loss, turns to the Bible as a way of dealing with what has happened. He is forced to accept where he has failed as a father, and commits to making things right with his family. He also inspires his coworkers to make the same commitment in their own families.

Although this is a great film to watch as a family, it is aimed at men. One of the characters is struggling with his worth as a father when he can’t find a steady job. Another character has a teenage daughter who is starting to notice boys – and I love the way he takes her on a daddy-daughter date. There’s a character who has a child he’s never met with his high school sweetheart.

I think, as moms we often focus on our own concerns about parenting and don’t consider our husbands’ fears and struggles. I know I am guilty of this. Fathers have different worries, particularly about raising daughters, and I often need to remind myself of this.

Warning: You can’t watch Courageous without a box of tissues on hand. A large box of tissues.

2. Fireproof

{Friday Favourites} Christian Films Worth Watching

Caleb is a firefighter who realises almost too late that his marriage is on the verge of destruction. Advised by his father, he begins a campaign to win back his wife’s heart – the Love Dare. He finds it more challenging than he expected, but is encouraged to persevere by his best friend at work.

In a world where marriages are under attack, it is refreshing to find a film where a character who has fallen out of love with his spouse, chooses to honour the commitment of his wedding vows and work at reviving that love instead of giving up and finding someone else. Marriage is hard work, and Fireproof is a reminder that it’s worth making the effort to nurture the relationship.

3. The Chronicles of Narnia series

{Friday Favourites} Christian Films Worth Watching

Jacques is currently reading Prince Caspian to the girls at bedtime. Emmy doesn’t quite have the concentration span to sit and listen properly, but Angie is engaged and constantly interrupts with questions. She also loves the film series. For a while she wouldn’t watch The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe because she found the White Witch a bit scary, but she said to me just the other day that she’s big enough not to be scared anymore. She recently watched The Voyage of the Dawn Treader for the first time and has decided that it’s her favourite film so far.

For those unfamiliar with the series, four siblings find themselves in another world (Narnia). They get caught up in the battle between good and evil. SPOILER ALERT. In the first film, Aslan the lion symbolises the Christ figure who is sacrificed, then returns to life to defeat the White Witch and save Narnia.

4. The Veggietales series and Buck Denver’s What’s In The Bible series

{Friday Favourites} Christian Films Worth Watching

Veggietales are Bible stories and stories with morals told by animated vegetables. My daughters love these short films, and often sing the songs at random times. (Warning: the theme song is almost impossible to get out of your head.) Because they’re short films, the girls can actually sit through the entire thing.

We watch Buck Denver as part of our Bible Road Trip study in our homeschool. The series is made by the creator of Veggietales, but it’s a lot more intentional about teaching the Bible. The series using puppets, animation and live action to teach Bible history. There are also fun bonus features on each disc. The girls’ favourite so far is the lesson on patience about a boy who gets stuck in cement. (Ironic, since patience is not their strongest trait.)

{Friday Favourites} Christian Films Worth Watching

Buck Denver also has a special Christmas short film called Why Do We Call It Christmas? It explains all the traditions around Christmas, where Santa Claus came into it, and focuses on the true meaning of Christmas.

The characters’ voices can be a bit over the top, but these are worth including in your DVD collection. It’s not just the kids who can learn something new from watching them.

What would you recommend?

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