New Frugal Living Series – And I Need You!

I’ve always wanted a big family. Perhaps it’s because I’m one of four children, or perhaps it’s because I’ve just always wanted to be a mom. After Emmy was born, I was convinced we would stop at two children, and well, Peanut will be here soon. But I won’t be having any more babies after this. I mean it this time. I’m not sure I’d survive a fourth child.

It’s not just because this pregnancy has been hard on my body, though that has certainly played a part in the decision. Mostly, it’s because raising a family of any size is an expensive exercise. In our case, I work part time so I can spend the bulk of my time at home with our children so we’re really living off one salary.

Frugal Living Series

I’m having to learn how to be frugal, to really consider how our grocery budget is spent, and to find ways of cutting back on things that we can do without. Because nappies are expensive, and there are many, many nappies in our near future.

So, I’m planning a new blog series on frugal living and I need your help. If you are:

  1. Raising a large family,
  2. Raising a family on one income or,
  3. Really good at living on a budget

And you would be willing to be interviewed and featured in the series, then please comment on this post, or email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can (bearing in mind I’m having a baby in a couple of weeks – yikes!).

I will eventually be sharing how we’ve been trying to be more frugal, but in the mean time I’d love to get this series started. I know my family is not the only one that will benefit from pooling our knowledge.

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