How Can You Be Six Already?

Oh, Angie, how can you be six already? Just the other day – I mean, it was only yesterday, wasn’t it? – we were waiting for you to be born. And now you’re six, and it’s as if you’ve grown up overnight. Maybe you just seem so big because we’ve just welcomed your baby brother into the world. When you and Emmy walked into the hospital room to meet him, I couldn’t believe how much bigger you seemed since the last time I’d seen you.

My precious girl, do you know how amazing you are and how proud I am to be your mom? It’s been a big year for you – moving house, adopting a dog, and getting a brother. I am impressed by how well you are learning to read and write, and with the stories you keep making up and turning into picture books.

How Can You Be Six Already?

You still want to be a mom, but now you also want to be a scientist. And a teacher. These days, your favourite activity is drawing. Even when you watch TV, you’ll have some paper and pencils in front of you. I love how each of your pictures has its own story. “I’m an artist,” you keep telling me. “I have to draw.”

You are such a good big sister. You get on so well with your sister (most of the time) and it’s so sweet that you help her make her bed and choose her clothes for the day. You are gentle with your brother and a big help to me.

How Can You Be Six Already?

I am in awe of your faith in Jesus and the deep questions you ask. I pray that you never lose your desire to know God more. Keep asking questions; keep seeking Him.

Happy birthday, baby. (Because you may be six, but you’ll always be my baby.) I love you.

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