Homeschooling Without A Printer

When we finished Learning the Alphabet and Reading the Alphabet, I was looking at several weeks to fill before Rafe would be born. I didn’t want to start a new curriculum and then have to stop for a while. I also wanted to do something that wouldn’t require as much printing as the previous curricula had.

Homeschooling Without A Printer

In the end I decided to go old school, and bought each of the girls an A4 hardcover book. I made a list of sight words I wanted Angie to learn, and then came up with a week’s worth of activities that they could do in their books. They’ve been enjoying the change, though Angie would like to do less copywriting while Emmy would prefer additional activities. They also like to do similar things on the same day, for example using stickers or stamps.

Homeschooling Without A Printer


Homeschooling Without A Printer

We also continued with Bible Road Trip and some basic Afrikaans – days, months, numbers, shapes and colours. (We’re currently on a mission to get my husband to speak only Afrikaans to the girls. He says he gets frustrated when they don’t understand what he’s saying; I laughed and told him I get that feeling even when I speak to them in English.)

Homeschooling Without A Printer

I had planned to take a fairly long break once Rafe was born – six weeks seemed reasonable – but he was barely two weeks old when the girls started asking if we could start school again. I’ve been teaching them with Rafe in a baby wrap on my chest so I’ve got my hands free. I think it’s helped the girls to be back in a school routine; they can see that not everything has changed now that we have a baby in the house.

Homeschooling Without A Printer

We’ll continue in this way until the end of the year. It’s working well for us right now. My goals for the remainder of the year are:

  • finish year one of Bible Road Trip
  • for Emmy to consolidate her alphabet recognition and upper- and lower-case matching
  • for Angie to build her sight word vocabulary, improve her pencil grip and practice her handwriting
  • number recognition practice

I’m trying not to expect too much from either myself or them. I’m happy as long as we’re doing some school most days of the week. Next year things will change when Angie technically starts grade one, and Emmy will be doing grade 00. And Rafe will begin to be more mobile, which will add another dimension to what school looks like!

Would you like to see a more detailed look at some of the activities we’ve been doing in our printer-free homeschool?

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