{Currently} The Best Thing Ever

I had intended to put up a New Year post earlier this week, but my mind is still very much in holiday mode. We start school on Monday, and Jacques goes back to work on Tuesday, so I suppose it’s time to start switching into normal mode again. I am excited to start school. Angie is technically doing her grade one year, and Emmy is still in preschool. And Rafe is going to be mobile one of these days so that should make things more interesting!

{Currently} The Best Thing Ever

Speaking of Rafe, he’s five months old already. When I asked him to stop growing so I could have a baby forever, he blew bubbles at me. Blowing spit bubbles is his attempt at speaking to us and is just about the cutest thing ever. I love watching the interaction between him and the girls. They adore him. Angie has a special voice that she uses when she speaks to him. Emmy can’t stop hugging and kissing him. His face lights up when he looks at his sisters, and they just have to smile at him to induce a bout of giggling.

I started giving him solid food last week. His first taste of rice cereal was The Best Thing Ever. Then his first taste of butternut was The Best Thing Ever. And his first mouthful of sweet potato was The Best Thing Ever. I’m giving him pumpkin today; any guesses as to how he’ll react?

I was supposed to move him from the crib in our room to the cot in his room this week, but I’m delaying it a little bit longer. Of course, the cat thinks the cot is for him, so we’ve been squirting him with water every time we catch him in it.

{Currently} The Best Thing Ever

I signed up for a 31 day reading challenge with the girls. They have to read aloud for 15 minutes a day – in Emmy’s case she has to describe the pictures – for the entire month of January. Emmy is very cute when it’s her turn; she sometimes pretends to read the words and will use Angie’s speech pattern to do so. Angie is reading so well; I am so proud of her.

We’ve had a relaxed month. We didn’t go away this year so we hung out at home and spent time with friends and family. My dad built the kids a jungle gym so they are over the moon with excitement. And now they have no excuse not to play in the garden.

{Currently} The Best Thing Ever

We tried to go to bed early on New Year’s Eve, because: baby. But we were up at midnight, because: fireworks. Sigh. The fireworks started around 6pm, which is stupid because the sun was still up, and continued until about 1am. Lovely, law-abiding neighbourhood we live in. Fortunately our animals weren’t too distressed. Napoleon hid under our bed, and Tyson barked a lot.

Jacques and I binge-watched The Hunger Games films. I enjoyed them, but I thought the characters were a bit flat, so I had to binge-read the novels as well. (Jacques had them on his Kindle all this time, and never told me. Otherwise I would have read them before watching.) I now have “Deep in the meadow” and “The hanging tree” stuck in my head.

I also read The Taxidermist’s Daughter by Kate Mosse. I picked it up because the title intrigued me, and I couldn’t put it down.

How were your holidays?

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