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Hello there. It’s been a while. Here’s a bit of an update for you.

Things We’re Loving

Onesies. Sure, it’s a bit of a mission to go to the loo in the middle of the night, but there’s really nothing warmer to sleep in.

Harry Potter. Angie is just a little bit obsessed. We’re on the third book at the moment, and she’s watched the first two movies. I am amazed by her memory, and recollection of all the little details that didn’t make it into the movies. We’ve been doing some book-themed crafts as we go along, and the girls have fun playing “Harry Potter goes to Hogwarts”. The other day they played “Let’s rescue Harry, Ron and Hermione from Azkaban!” Some of their toys have been renamed for Harry Potter characters.

Tea. Our house is freezing. We’re big tea drinkers anyway, but our tea consumption has probably doubled as the temperatures dropped.

Smartick. We’ve just started reviewing the Smartick maths programme. The girls are loving it. The only drawback is that the programme only allows for one timed session a day, and my girls have not yet mastered patience.

Soup. It’s soup season! I could happily eat soup every day.

The Lord of the Rings. We are listening to the audio book in the car. The girls are enthralled. So far we’ve finished three chapters. This is a obviously a long term project. I see us finishing the book when the girls hit their teens.

Things We’re Not Loving

Teething. It’s been rough. I’m not getting much sleep, which means my Fun!Mom mode has been deactivated until further notice. Right now I’m in Zombie!Mom mode. Some nights, Rafe has been waking every sleep cycle. We dropped everything except Bible, Language Arts and Maths, and have only just started adding things back to our school day.

Snot. Every winter it’s the same story. One child gets snotty. Infected child is free with hugs and kisses. Second child gets snotty. Third child gets snotty. Mom and Dad try to resist. The kitchen counter resembles a mini-pharmacy. Eventually someone moves past just snotty to actually quite sick, and we visit the doctor. This time around, it was Rafe, who had his first experience of the nebuliser (best purchase ever, by the way) and his first round of antibiotics. What fun.

Ulcer. One day I’m lamenting my lack of me-time, the next day I’m getting that me-time. Hooked up to a drip. In casualty. #becarefulwhatyouwishfor While I can joke about it now, it wasn’t any fun at the time. I’d been experiencing pain for months but thought it was just wind. Dr. Google told me I was dying, of course, but Dr. Google is somewhat of a hypochondriac. But that particular night, the pain didn’t go away, so Jacques spent his public holiday entertaining Rafe in the casualty waiting room, and the girls had The Best Day Ever with their godfather.

Girl Things

Kung Fu. Angie started kung fu classes at the beginning of the second term. She’s one of only two girls in her class, but she is loving it. She is always the last person to leave the class, because she’s a chatterbox with a million things to tell her instructor.

Ballet. Emmy started ballet this term, something she’s been begging to do for a while. (She would have started kung fu instead, but she’s not old enough.) It’s one of the few things she gets to do without her sister, so it’s really good for her. They’re learning their dance for the festival later this year.

Art. The girls draw every chance they get. Our lounge is filled with random piles of paper; it’s reached the point where I need to sneakily shift some of it into the recycling bag. They are obsessed with drawing picture. I bought them blank books the other day – Emmy filled hers in one afternoon.

Boy Things

Baby. Rafe will be 11 months old next week, so he’s almost no longer a baby. He has six teeth (and a naughty smile). He is a fast crawler and likes standing, but isn’t yet walking by himself. He likes to push cars (or any object, really) around the house making car-like noises. No one showed him how to do it; somehow he just knew. (I’m starting to see the clear differences between boys and girls more often these days.) Why is he growing so quickly?

What’s going on with you?

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