Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Homeschool Mom Friend

What do you get for the homeschool mom who has everything? Not books – unless you’re shopping directly from her wishlist *cough*hint*cough* – because odds are she has very specific ideas on what books she wants or needs. Not bubble bath, because who’s seriously got time to soak in the tub? And odds are the kids will have used it all up by the time Mom finally gets a moment to herself.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Homeschool Mom Friend

Fear not, friends, for here are some gift ideas for the homeschool mom in your life.

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1. A Kindle

I swore I’d never want a Kindle, because there’s nothing quite like holding a book in your hands – that special book smell, the comforting weight – but we’re going to be using Ambleside Online next year, and most of the books we need are free on Kindle. So, this item is totally for the kids. Ahem.

2. A pretty journal

A pretty journal with blank pages is a great gift. Mom can use it as:

  • a prayer journal
  • a commonplace book
  • a sermon notebook
  • a school planner
  • a bullet journal
  • something for the toddler to scribble in

3. Stationery

Pens, lots of pens. Stickers. Lead pencils – a huge box of lead pencils (because she won’t get through the first week of school without someone losing all their pencils). Colouring pencils for her own use, though the kids will probably appropriate them sometime towards the end of the first term. So better make it two boxes of coloured pencils.

4. Online Vouchers

This is the way to guarantee Mom gets what she really wants. Drop some subtle hints – “In your experience, which is the best online shop? Amazon? Loot? Takealot?”

For what it’s worth, I’m quite fond of Loot. *wink, wink*

5. Chocolate

Look, she’s probably going to end up sneakily eating it in the bathroom, or whichever room has a door that locks.

And you’d better make it dark chocolate, because sugar-free goals. Sigh.

6. Coffee

Aka the lifeblood of a homeschool mama.

7. A Voucher For A Kid-Free Afternoon

Because you have no idea just how much Mom needs that nap.

Seriously, though, we love that we get to spend so much time with our kids. Promise.

But we love naps too.

8. A Sanity-Saver Box

Aka Mom’s Mental Health Kit. Fill a box with her favourite chocolates, nuts, snacky things. Pop in some encouraging notes, or a book for light reading. Add a CD – one without nursery rhymes or singing vegetables on it.

She will love you forever.

9. Tea

Pick some calming blends for those crazy days. (Okay, so the crazy days are pretty much every day.) Give her a pretty tea cup too.

10. A Season Of Her Favourite TV Show

You know, so she can save it for when the kids are grown and out of the house, and she has time to sit and binge watch.

What’s on your wishlist?

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