A Day in the Life of Our Charlotte Mason Homeschool

I’ve been wanting to do a Day In The Life post for ages, and now that we’re in our last week of school, it’s now or never.

A Day in the Life of Our Charlotte Mason Homeschool

Here’s an average day in the life of our Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool.

I’m usually up sometime between 5-6am. I like to have my devotions before the kids get up. I also have “exercise” on my morning to do list, but that rarely happens. It will one day. When I’ve had a proper night’s sleep and don’t wake up already tired. Right? Until then, running around after a two-year-old totally counts as exercise.

Breakfast is usually ready between 7-7:30. After breakfast, it’s time for morning chores. (Morning chores include breakfast dishes, making beds, getting dressed and brushing teeth, and ensuring the lounge is ready for school.) The sooner they’re done, the sooner the kids can play outside. I’m usually on my second cup of coffee at this point.

We start Morning Time at 9am. We pray together, read from the Bible, go over the verses we are learning, and sing a couple of hymns. We also do recitation in Morning Time – Angie has three pieces (a poem, a sonnet, a hymn) and Emmy has two pieces (a poem and a hymn) every six weeks. Morning Time is great for including the riches: composer study, picture study, nature study, folk song, poetry, and working on their timelines. We end Morning Time by reciting the Doxology together and then it’s outside to play for a while. (While I have another cup of coffee.)

Charlotte Mason suggested six hours of outside time every day, but then again, she didn’t live under the hot African sun. I’m trying to instill the habit of wearing hats outdoors, but my children prefer wearing hats inside. Don’t ask.

After a short break, it’s back inside for maths and language arts (20 minutes each). Angie does five minutes of print and five minutes of cursive copywork; Emmy works on her letters and numbers. The girls both have to read aloud every day – Angie is currently reading William Pene du Bois’ Twenty-One Balloons, and Emmy recently asked if she could get early readers from the library. (Previously, she just had to tell me about the pictures she was looking at.)

The girls have another break while I put Rafe down for his nap. Then Emmy either plays outside or naps while I work with Angie and listen to her narrations. This year, I’ve done the reading for her, but next year she’ll begin to read one or two things on her own and then narrate. We follow Ambleside Online’s curriculum, including their artist, composer and folk song schedule.

A Day in the Life

We are part of a co-op that meets fortnightly for nature study. The children are all in the same age range and it’s a nice mix of boys and girls. And I didn’t know how much I needed Charlotte Mason mom friends until we joined this group. Between co-op, ballet and kung fu, I think socialisation is covered.

On alternate Fridays we have Poetry Tea Time. We recently bought a picnic table, which is perfect for Poetry Tea Time. We usually have something yummy, a pot of tea, and everyone reads (or recites) two or three poems. I get to use my pretty tea set, and I’ve finally found a use for all the pretty table cloths that have been hiding in the back of the linen cupboard.

What does your average day look like?

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