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Four At Last!

As has become tradition, here is my birthday interview with Emmy. It’s really, really late because, well, there’s a baby in the house. (As I type, the baby is sleeping on my lap because, for reasons unknown, he doesn’t like his cot in the daytime.) My commentary is in italics. 1. What was your favourite …

{Real Life Homeschooling Behind The Scenes} Meet Mariel From Charlotte Mason In Santa Monica

Welcome to the fourth of my series in which we meet real-life homeschoolers who give us a glimpse into their families and school lives. I’ve had this series on my heart for a while, and the more I find myself telling people that we’ve started homeschooling, that I’m not a super-patient person, and that I’m …

21 Things You’ve Probably Been Dying To Know

I was tagged by Jozi Wahm to answer a few questions about myself. 1. Are you named after someone? Nope. Although my second name is the same as my mother’s. 2. When was the last time you cried? Umm, a few days ago? I never used to cry much. Then during my first pregnancy, my …

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