Morning Time Managed With Tooky Toys For The Toddler {Review}

When you’re trying to homeschool two children with a toddler running around not-so-quietly in the background, you’re always on the lookout for something to occupy the toddler so that you can get some actual schooling done. And you don’t want to give the toddler just any old toy, but something that’s going to keep him entertained for longer than a minute. We recently struck gold with not one, but two, educational toys that Rafe (and the girls!) just love playing with.

Morning Time Managed With Tooky Toys For The Toddler {Review}

Disclosure: I received a Tooky Toys puzzle and block set from Baby Womb World in exchange for an honest review.

The girls were more excited about the arrival of the Tooky Toys from Baby Womb World than Rafe was. Let’s be real here – toddlers are still in that whole the-box-is-the-best-gift phase, right? But once the girls had helped him unwrap and open everything, he quickly caught the excitement.

There’s something special about wooden toys, don’t you think? We love wooden puzzles, and this one has lovely, bright colours and big, easy-to-hold pieces. Rafe is in an airplane stage, and promptly decided that all the pieces were airplanes, despite his sisters’ insistence that they weren’t. He got tired of their comments, and took the puzzle to his room where he could play with it uninterrupted.

Morning Time Managed With Tooky Toys For The Toddler {Review

My only complaint is that the colours started to scratch off quite quickly, though that may have had something to do with Rafe trying to first taste the pieces, and then throw them around a bit, because airplanes are supposed to fly. Fortunately, the puzzle is made with non-toxic materials. (Needless to say, he doesn’t get to play with the puzzle unsupervised anymore.)

He had to wait a few days before I let him play with the blocks. The bucket came with the colours separated in packets inside, and so Rafe would walk around with the packets asking me to open it, then leave them randomly about the house.

The wooden blocks come in various shapes, sizes and colours, and can be used for building or being dropped back into the bucket through the holes in the lid. The bucket also has a handle, which makes it portable – a definite plus in our books! The blocks are also made from non-toxic materials, so they’re safe for teething toddlers. They are also light, so don’t hurt that much if they’re thrown. (Ask me how I know.) They’re also not as painful to step on in the dark as, say, Legos.

These toys have been great for keeping Rafe occupied while we do Morning Time. If he doesn’t have something to do, then he’s usually trying to climb on my lap while I’m reading, or trying to wrestle the book away from me, or causing some kind of mayhem. But he can sit for about ten minutes and focus on sticking the blocks through the holes – and those ten minutes are golden!

The blocks also work well to keep Rafe occupied while we wait for Emmy to finish ballet class. The bucket is light enough that Rafe can carry it himself.

Morning Time Managed With Tooky Toys For The Toddler {Review}

The blocks are recommended for toddlers aged 12 months and older. I have a feeling we’re going to be playing with them for years to come.

The girls also like to play with the blocks. They like to build houses and castles – which Rafe promptly knocks down, because that’s his solemn duty as a little brother. (I have three younger brothers. I know. I’ve been there, girls.) Rafe isn’t able to build anything resembling a house yet – he likes to stack a few blocks and then knock them over with a loud, “Ohhhh!”

Rafe is too young for any kind of formal schooling, but that doesn’t mean he’s not constantly learning. Once he got over his insistence that all the puzzle pieces were airplanes, he began to identify each one correctly. We also reinforce his colours and shapes while playing with the blocks. Building and matching the shapes develops his motor skills.

Baby Womb World launched in 2016. Their aim is to provide parents with good, quality products that make life easier. Their new range of wooden toys and educational games certainly fit that bill.

You can find Baby Womb World on Facebook and Instagram as well as on their website.

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